Licensed and Insured Contractors in Montgomery, AL

About Capitol City Roofing, LLC - Licensed and Insured Contractors in Montgomery, AL

On paper, we may look like other contractors, but our attention to detail and management of each project far exceeds the competition. At Capitol City Roofing, LLC, we are Licensed and Insured Contractors in Montgomery, AL and believe your roof isn't just a roof. It is a layer of protection that protects your biggest investment—your family's home. Our quality, top-notch roofing services keep us above the competition. We also offer roofing, painting and remodeling services.

Backed by Experience and Proven through Performance

Members of our commercial roofing, painting and remodeling teams have been with our company, and their respective industries, for decades. We dedicate our careers to improving each day, staying updated with the latest advances in home improvements and building restoration services technology and techniques. As a result, our broad knowledge permits us to review every project from a position of experience. There are few problems we haven't seen, and solved, at least once before.

Committed to You

We always deliver dependability, longevity, and a sturdy construction. Capitol City Roofing, LLC, has a proven record of success based on more than 60 years of combined professional experience in our roofing, painting and remodeling company. When you select our home improvements and building restoration services, you are investing in construction methods you can trust for years to come. Our guarantee comes complete with unsurpassed performance and reliability.

Committed to Your Safety

Whenever we work on your property, our team takes special care to ensure a safe environment for workers, tenants, and passersby. While installing your new roofing system, for example, we interfere with the building tenants and pedestrian traffic as lightly as possible. As with all roof installation projects, we strive to exceed industry standards for safety and quality and we are licensed and insured contractors.


Our roofers and craftspeople work under strict protocols and codes to preserve safety and quality. Your roof is a serious investment—ensure that serious people take care of it.             

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